About Run to Wellness 5k

As a non-profit organization, Run to Wellness 5K is designed to encourage healthy lifestyles within the community through ac...tive wellness efforts. We encourage participants from all walks of life to join in on the fun and experience the rewards of making healthy lifestyle choices together.

Our commitment to prioritizing healthy lifestyles within communities allows our event to provide our participants with access to health screenings as well as opening a direct line of communication between the community and local business sponsors. We feel that our event is much more than just a race. Run to Wellness 5K is motivated to optimize wellness not only through physical activity, but through the social networks created as a result from bringing together like-minded individuals. Healthy living has several dimensions beyond eating right and exercise. As we move forward with establishing wellness exposure, we strive to provide participants with resources and activities designed to meet the needs for healthier, stronger communities.

Run to Wellness 5K's approach to wellness and healthy living will continue to strengthen as more people are reached through our events. Our goal to continually seek out sponsors in support of our cause will inevitably benefit the communities in which we begin to operate within. Promoting wellness is our focus and will always be!